natural wrinkle reductionGirl friends of my daughter came to sleep over our house Saturday evening. I heard them giggling and laughing, talking about different things. A little while later, I noticed my daughter getting my picture album when I was still a teen like them; I didn’t bother why she took it, I told myself that maybe she just wanted to show to her friends how she resembled me a lot. It was not until the following day that I knew the reason- the reason was, she and her friends compared pictures of their moms during their younger years and as adults now. My daughter said that we, moms had something in common. I asked her what was that, she answered me saying that all of us had wrinkles. I was totally blown- off by what she said! That night I told myself that I had to do something about it; since I didn’t want to go to the doctor to have it treated, I settled for natural wrinkle reduction.

What is natural wrinkle reduction anyway? Natural wrinkle reduction is the way by which wrinkles are reduced naturally- this simply means no operations or expensive treatments.  Treatments can be found straight from the kitchen, like egg whites; egg whites are considered as an easy and healthy way to tighten the skin and reduce wrinkles.

The latter is rich in the protein called albumin which rejuvenates skin and also contains Vitamins A and B, which promote tissue repair and protect cells. Vegetables and fruits are also proven to reduce and even stop wrinkle development. Aside from those mentioned above, wrinkles can be reduced by engaging in the habit of getting enough sleep, 8 hours to be exact to receive the benefits of skin cell growth and repair. Avoiding squinting and too much sun exposure helps a lot too.

You may find these things to be very simple to do, but these simple changes that we make in our everyday routines and eating habits are proven to reduce wrinkles. It’s not just about how expensive your treatments are. We certainly can hold off and reduce wrinkles naturally!

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