wrinkle freeAdmit it! There’s always this time in one’s life when you had the best, felt the best and that life was just so good that it offered you so much than you could ever imagine and want. Not to mention, that this was also the time in your life where wrinkles was not a problem as there was just no sign of it. That time in my life was when I was 21 and oh, if only I could turn back the hands of time. Well, time I do not have control of, but the only thing that makes me different from when I was 21 was wrinkles. I believe I have some kind of power over it. I am just so determined to remove facial wrinkles and be forever 21.

I don’t need surgery or high-end and expensive treatments. The first step I would like to really practice on is skin care – it need not be anything extravagant. Wearing SPF 20 daily and reapplying it twice a day especially when continually exposed to the sun will help a lot in my endeavor to remove facial wrinkles and look like 21. I should make it a habit also to wash my face with a hydrating cleanser and follow it up with a moisturizing lotion. The idea here is to guard my skin from the drying effects of the sun and replenish the moisture lost by the use of face creams and lotions. Most importantly, reduce stress – stress is inevitable. But reducing it is something that I can certainly do. I resorted to drinking herbal tea (well, any herbal tea will do) before going to sleep at night as it promotes better sleep. It is also known to help the body and skin recover, including the facial wrinkles.

A lot of things can be done to look forever 21 and to remove facial wrinkles is just one of the many steps to doing so. I don’t know what age you thought were your best but it’s about time that something be done about it. Sitting around and wishful thinking doesn’t help a lot, taking action does!

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