Face Yoga For Forehead Wrinkles

face yogaMy previous article on habitual expressions pushed me to read and gather more information about face yoga (which I now perform myself). For those who want to a natural wrinkle reducer, I wanted to share with this exercises.

I specifically chose the exercises forehead wrinkles since it is the most common part we use (together with the eyes) in facial expressions. Perform the following steps in front of the mirror:

Step 1: Forehead Smoother Exercise 1. This first part is for releasing muscle tension and helps reduce horizontal wrinkles on the forehead.

o Visualize your forehead to be a smooth piece of glass.
o Place the tips of your fingers (from both hands) in the center of your forehead, vertically.
o Close your eyes. Apply a slight pressure and slowly slide your fingers upward in a flattening motion.
o Repeat 6 times.

Step 2: Forehead Smoother Exercise 2. This second part of the exercise increase blood circulation on the forehead and around the eyes. This can even relax the muscles all the more.

o Place both of your pointing fingers on the furthest tips of your eyebrows.
o Close your eyes. Sensibly pull your eyebrows outwards.
o Repeat 2 times.

Step 3: Face Yoga for forehead. This face yoga exercise is a natural wrinkle reducer for it helps in tightening forehead muscles and also by increasing circulation. This will also make you aware not to always wrinkle your forehead.

o Form a C-shape in both of your hands
o Place them around the eyes. Pointing fingers must meet above eyebrows and along upper eye bones. The thumbs must be placed on the side of the nose just above the nostril.
o Press the fingers downward and sideways. Open your chest, pull down your shoulders and look straight forward.
o Press your fingers into your eyebrows firmly while OPENING your eyes as wide as possible for 5 seconds. Make sure that neither your eyebrows nor your forehead move.
o Do the same thing as previous but this time, instead of opening the eyes, SQUINT the eyes five times. Close your eyes and relax for a while.
o Repeat the entire process twice.

Step 4: The Lion Face. This is the last part of the exercise is for stretching all facial muscles and relieve facial tension.

o Kneel down on a mat.
o Inhale deeply while clenching your hands into fists.
o Squeeze all your face muscles as hard as you can.
o Loudly exhale through your mouth.
o Stick out your tongue. Open your eyes as wide as you can and roll them.
o Open your hands so your palms are widely stretche.
o Repeat the entire process twice.

Doing this set of facial exercises and face yoga, you can have the benefits of natural wrinkle reducer and even help you minimize habitual facial expressions.

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