Eggs For The Face

It’s been over a week now since my 44-year old mom constantly asks me to look for a wrinkle treatment for her. When I told her to just go and see a dermatologist for a medical treatment, she refused. She only wants to try a simple natural wrinkle treatment that she can do at home. When I began to browse (just to stop her from bugging me), my interest was caught upon seeing homemade facial masks using eggs as the ingredient.

It is the egg white that is being used in making facial masks added with a small amount of lemon juice. The egg white mask can be applied both on the face and neck. It is allowed to stay for about 15-30 minutes until totally dry. Talking and laughing while having this mask on must be avoided to allow the mask stretch your skin while drying. It is then rinsed with warm water.

The egg white mask is said to be one of the best natural wrinkle treatment you can do at home. Egg whites are actually contains high amount of protein, water and water-soluble nutrients. The protein content of egg whites also provides the skin with the nourishment they need to repair. As per, egg white masks helps in skin tightening, oil-blotting and even acts as a whitehead remover.

The egg yolk, on the other hand, is being used as a moisturizer. Some people use this after having the egg white mask to restore the moisture of the skin. It is also applied on the skin and stayed for 20-30minutes before rinsing with cold water to close the pores. Egg yolks, compared to egg whites, contain more nutrients and essential fatty acids making them more effective in moisturizing and soothing the skin. Others are also signifying that it can help reduce dark spots.

These treatments, however, are not recommended to those who are allergic to poultry products. It must also be applied only once or twice a week. There are actually various ingredients (fruits, plant oils, etc) that are being used as a natural wrinkle treatment. The good thing with egg is it is cheaper, readily available and you can already have two treatments in just an egg – a face mask and a face moisturizer.

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