Drinking=Wrinkles? Oh no!

Minimize drinking alcoholThe other night, my friends and I went out for a drink to celebrate my promotion at my workplace. There was this other group of girls that caught our attention because it seemed like they’ve been regular goers of that bar, they knew a lot of guys there but none dared come near them. Not to be rude or anything but there was one thing I noticed about those party goers. They looked older than they were supposed to look. Now I couldn’t help but ask myself if there was anything that alcohol had to do with aging. If alcohol causes aging, what else can it do to the skin? And does occasional drinking ever have any effect on looks?

Well, these were some of the questions I had to ask myself since I myself was an occasional drinker. I was just concerned with the issue that alcohol causes aging, because if it really did; then maybe I had to stop. I was one of the face-concerned people, one could even call me a narcissist but I was really just concerned of how I would look like at 30 or 40. So I did a bit of research and found out that excessive consumption of alcohol can either cause premature aging in which signs of aging appear earlier than they are supposed to; and exaggerated aging, aging in which the signs appear at the right time but just at an exaggerated  form.

This is because alcohol has no nutritional content at all; in fact, it alters the nutritional system of our bodies. Alcohol is said to be of medical aid to our bodies if taken moderately; it’s always as the saying goes, “too much of something is bad enough”.  So to continue with the aging effects of alcohol, the said liquor has a content that tends to block the passageway of oxygen to our bodies and even damages or impacts negatively towards Vitamin A; and vitamin A is rich in antioxidants which are mostly responsible for the regeneration of new cells in our body. Vitamin A is also great in providing collagen to our system. If we have more collagen, meaning we have more chances of increasing the skin’s elasticity.

Alcohol abuse is bad but researches also say that moderate drinking of alcohol can somehow help in preventing the development of coronary heart disease in people of old ages. So there we have the answer, alcohol causes aging if abused and misused. But on the other hand, may help us if we learn how to control ourselves.

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