Does Tanning Cause Wrinkles?

does tanning cause wrinklesAre you fond of using tanning lotions and doing tanning activities? If you are, then I know you are interested to know whether or not does tanning cause wrinkles.

Tanning actually poses a lot of risks. As mentioned in the website of the US FDA, some of the risks of tanning include sunburn, suppression of the immune system and premature aging. All of these three risks pose major impact on the probability of wrinkle-formation.

Exposing your skin to UV rays (from sun or even from tanning booths) could result to skin damages. UV rays damages the structure of skin tissues causing the skin to lose its natural elasticity, integrity and strength. This would later on result to the wrinkling of the skin.

Does tanning cause wrinkles if you also apply moisturizers? The answer would depend whether your moisturizer’s effectiveness is enough to keep your skin to be properly hydrated despite of extensive sun exposure.

In cases of tanning activities, the hydration of the skin is the major concern and the major cause of wrinkling of the skin. If the skin will lose its moisture, it will slowly become drier and later on lose it natural elasticity.

In tanning, we must remember that there is no such thing as safe tanning. Whether we do it by exposing our skin directly to sunlight or do it through the tanning booth. Both tanning ways poses same risks to our skin.

And now, does tanning causes wrinkles? YES is the very answer to this question.

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