Does Coffee Cause Wrinkles?

Does Coffee Cause Wrinkles?I received so many inquiries last week on the association between coffee and wrinkles. “Does coffee cause wrinkles?” This is the question of almost all adult coffee drinkers.

Upon checking the facts about this concern, I found out that coffee itself does not cause wrinkles but the caffeine in the coffee. However, there are two sides on this issue.

The first side agrees that coffee does cause wrinkles. It is for the fact that coffee has a diuretic effect which can be a cause of cellular dehydration. As we all know, the very main reason why our skins wrinkle is because of dehydration. When our cells are dehydrated, it will shrink and eventually die. This will later on result to sagging of the skin and wrinkling.

But the other side of the issue says otherwise. They would usually refute the previous point as “Does coffee cause wrinkles because of the caffeine or because of excessive and uncontrolled consumption?”

Caffeine is actually being used as an ingredient in some topical creams for wrinkles. Caffeine poses a lot of benefits in terms of detoxifying and proper blood circulation. Caffeine is even present in teas which we know are one of the most recommended anti-aging beverages.

However, the problem will be on the uncontrolled consumption habits of the consumers. The diuretic effect of coffee (and even tea) is experienced when it is consumed excessively. Drinking coffee and tea is recommended for one to two times a day only.

Therefore, the answer for the query “Does coffee cause wrinkles?” maybe true for some aspects but can also be false if properly consumed.

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