Candidates For Wrinkling

face yogaI was doing my morning ritual of facial exercises since I remembered a few of my friends advise me that this kind of activity can help in reducing the signs of aging. I guess you all know, we all know that the most visible sign of aging is wrinkles. Sagging skin is nothing pretty, at all. So we know that wrinkles is the most visible sign of aging, do we know the root of this very common problem? Well, I personally think it’s good to know HOW to prevent these inevitable aging signs but I also think it’s best to know WHY and WHAT are the causes of wrinkles on face? You better get yourselves interested; as wise men would say, to cut the tree you need to locate the roots.

Now, here are a few of the causes of wrinkles on face. So, let’s admit we can’t avoid aging but we can delay it and that’s the beautiful part of life, getting to look like a 30 or 40 year old even at your 50s.

First on our list, we have: “Oh Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun, please shine down on me” (sing to the tune of Mr. Golden Sun by Barney and Friends). Oh alright, Mr. Sun is very essential especially in the nourishing of our skin but during our modern times with the depletion of the ozone layer, the excessive exposure towards UV (ultraviolet) rays has been proven to be harmful to the skin. So that is our number one candidate for extrinsic factors on aging. Now our next candidate is smoking, if some of you are curious as to why smoking largely damages the skin; the answer is because it contains more than 4,000 chemicals that break down and disrupt the production of collagen and elastin on our skin. Third up is excessive alcohol consumption, now don’t even start wondering why we have these two vices on our list, not to spoil you guys but it’s true. Some doctors would suggest or say that an allowable amount of alcohol can help in blood circulation but too much may also dilate your blood vessels causing your skin to look blotchy and mind you, this leaves a permanent effect. So beware smokers and drinkers. Last on the list would be the poor intake of nutritious foods, guys you see. Foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals that our body needs allow our skin to revitalize and glow.

And now there you have it, our candidates for the causes of wrinkles on face and it’s totally up to you to change your lifestyle. Whether or not you decide to let go of these habits only then will you see that wrinkles will take long before they reach your face.

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