removing wrinklesRemoving wrinkles is not an easy task. My grandmother was going to celebrate her birthday this coming weekend and she secretly asked me for a present that she did not want anyone to know. She wanted me to give her a wrinkle treatment. She was kind of bothered with the thought that her wrinkles were getting out of her league, in other words, too many to handle.

So there I was, trying to find a way on how I could be able to give her what she wanted for her birthday, I felt responsible in some way because she was the one who took care of me during my younger days. I was going to be her accomplice in her project of removing wrinkles before her birthday. She wanted everyone to be amazed at how she looked on her 60th birthday. It was not easy though, the first thing I had to do was to research on budget-friendly solutions since I did not have much for an income at my age. As a result, I made a list of some methods I researched so we could have options to choose from.

  1. Botox: an expensive and not so budget-wise treatment that will display effective results at once. Botox is an injectable that needs to be administered by experts.
  2. Facelift:  a surgical procedure, a minor operation that involves the literal lifting of the face to realign the cells underneath the face’s skin. If budget is what we’re concerned of, this is one of those treatments that you cannot rely on to be budget-friendly although it displays results immediately.
  3. Creams: wrinkle creams are often the ones that are in demand in the market, besides the fact that they are cheap and economically healthy; they do help in minimizing wrinkles. The only disadvantage is that before you start using one, you must make sure it suits your skin type, so here is where you find a problem. You have to shift from one cream to another to find which cream will effectively work its magic on yourself.
  4. Natural ways: these are the “ways of nature”, no need to spend too much. You just have to follow the universal laws on wrinkle prevention and wrinkle removal. Your attitude is where your wrinkle reduction lies. The basic do’s and don’ts like stay away from the sun, eat fruits and vegetables.

So I guess that would be it. Removing wrinkles is somehow difficult because I have never gone through wrinkles myself. On my grandmother’s birthday, I don’t plan on giving her an expensive treatment for wrinkles. I wanted to give her a smile. Guess that’s the most effective way to make those “already there” lines temporarily disappear.

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