Alcohol For Wrinkles

too much alcoholDrinking too much alcohol causes wrinkles – that is a fact. There are a lot of references and clinical studies that proves this.

But we could not also neglect the fact that alcoholic drinks also have health benefits. It is actually associated with lowering the risk of heart diseases by thinning the blood. It offers positive effects on the levels of good cholesterol in our body.  Alcoholic beverages also help the body maintain a proper blood circulation.

These benefits, however, are obtained when alcohol drinking is taken in MODERATION. When it is consumed abusively, it is the time that alcohol can result to some complications and even result to wrinkles.

Alcohol causes wrinkles when taken too much because of its dehydrating effect on the cells. Alcoholic beverages can be a diuretic, which means that a person will keep on urinating. With the effect, the cells are being deprived of water resulting to shrinking of the cells. When the cells shrunk, the plumpness of the skin decreases and later on the skin will wrinkle.

In addition, high levels of alcohol in the body are being associated with Vitamin A depletion. When the levels of Vitamin A decreases, the regeneration of new cells will also decreases since it plays a very important antioxidant in the skin. In the same way, the production of collagen in the body will also decrease causing the skin to lose its natural elasticity.

There are still a lot of mechanisms on how alcohol causes wrinkles but all of those suggest that it will only happen once alcohol is not taken in moderation.

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