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Prevent WrinklesWorried about looking older? Aging everyday and getting more wrinkles than usual? I was in the park on a windy afternoon when I overheard a group of women talking about how stressful and rough it can get once you run past the ages of menopause. Married life starts to become a hassle and fears start to arise. Mid-age they say is when life starts, but what is life going to be if it hasn’t even started yet and you already look older than that. This group was talking about facial wrinkle treatments and how they could look their best, feel their best with saving their marriage by fixing their husband’s eyes on them. Continue reading

Dried Up, Wrinkled Up? Fallacy or Fact?

facial exercisesThe world nowadays with the amount of heat reaching it seems and looks so dry. There are sudden forest fires anywhere because of the heat that cannot be contained. So if the world cannot contain the amount of heat, will our bodies do? Can our bodies do? With all the dryness around you, try asking yourself this question, does dry skin cause wrinkles? Continue reading

Drinking=Wrinkles? Oh no!

Minimize drinking alcoholThe other night, my friends and I went out for a drink to celebrate my promotion at my workplace. There was this other group of girls that caught our attention because it seemed like they’ve been regular goers of that bar, they knew a lot of guys there but none dared come near them. Not to be rude or anything but there was one thing I noticed about those party goers. They looked older than they were supposed to look. Now I couldn’t help but ask myself if there was anything that alcohol had to do with aging. If alcohol causes aging, what else can it do to the skin? And does occasional drinking ever have any effect on looks? Continue reading