Monthly Archives: October 2013

The Water Issue

dehydration and agingWater, water, water; this is a hundred and one percent to be considered as mankind’s most basic need. Food may come in second but water? It ranks number one. Now, a human being’s body is composed of 70% water. So I guess it’s normal for us people to be looking for water almost all the time. Now what I’m writing to you today is about the relationship between dehydration and aging. Are these two co-related? And if they are; how come?

Dehydration and aging are two factors that might possibly go together but in a different way. Most people believe that wrinkling (the number one sign of aging) may be caused by dehydration or what we would define as the reducing of amount of body water caused by water deprivation and a lot more such as illnesses. When a person lacks water, skin tends to be dry especially when exposed to heat. And this therefore makes your skin appear dull and lifeless; allowing you to look older than your age. But associating dehydration with wrinkling is quite impossible. Continue reading

Have A Good Sleep…

Get Enough SleepAs my mom usually say, having a good sleep is best for wrinkles. As I understand it before, I need to have 6-8 hours of sleep a day in order for me to reap the said benefits.

It is not difficult to simply fall asleep but having a better sleep is sometimes difficult for me especially if I have a lot of things in my mind before I go to bed. I usually sleep with very keen senses, thus, I easily wake up when I feel or hear something. With this, I woke up in the morning still feeling exhausted even though I’ve been in bed for 8 hours. I’ve been like this for almost 8 years when I suddenly observed some fine lines around my eyes. Continue reading

Smiling vs. Wrinkles

wrinkle cureOne of the reasons why we develop wrinkles is because of our repetitive facial expressions as mentioned in many other blogs. Then it suddenly hit me, does smiling cause wrinkles?

Repetitive facial expressions like smiling, frowning and squinting could generate fine lines and even crow’s feet around the eyes. This is the reason why many women who wants to get rid of wrinkles tend to practice themselves on how to control their facial expressions even at the peak of their own emotion.

Does this mean that they are willing to sacrifice their own feeling of happiness just not to have wrinkles?!? I don’t think I could stand even just the slightest idea of it. Continue reading