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does crying cause wrinklesCrying is man’s way of expressing different kinds of emotions. People cry when they are sad, when they are happy, or even when they are mad. Crying is one of the most displayed emotions in today’s world. When people are stressed and disappointed, they tend to cry. But the question is; what is it about crying that causes wrinkles? Does crying cause wrinkles?

I personally think that women are created to become emotional beings which is the reason why women are most likely to get concerned about the issue. I’ve visited blogs and forums with the questions “does crying cause wrinkles”? Well, none of those forums answered yes. But here’s a fact, when you cry because of anger or depression, it helps to relieve the pain you are feeling but it doesn’t help your appearance, at all. Your eyes get all bulgy and puffed up right after crying but you don’t have to worry because these are none but temporary signs that you’ve cried all night through. Continue reading

Addicted To curing The Addiction

Quit SmokingA few days ago, I was strolling in the park when there was this man who suddenly came to me and asked me if I could give him a few bucks so he could buy a pack of cigarettes at a nearby store. Well, of course I declined but that didn’t stop him, he went on bothering other people and should I say that guy was an addict. Doesn’t he know that smoking damages our system? No wonder he looked haggard and not so good. What is it about smoking anyway that damages our system? Does smoking damage your skin? What could be the possible ill effects of smoking in one’s life?

A lot of people nowadays are hooked into smoking and it gets only hard for them to leave the cause of addiction behind. We all know that smoking has its ill effects but why do smokers find it difficult to leave the habit behind? Well, for smokers and non-smokers out there, let me enumerate the ill effects that smoking can bring upon one’s self. Let’s start with the most visible and widest area of affection. The skin. Well, most of you would probably ask, “does smoking damage your skin?” and the answer my friends is “YES”. Smoking contributes much in the damage of healthy ad youthful skin. Continue reading


prevent wrinklesWorry, worry, worry, day in and day out; people worry about what tomorrow is going to bring. But don’t they know that worry is one cause of forehead wrinkles. I tell you, when they start appearing, you’ll be having a hard time in worrying how to take them away. Well, forehead wrinkles are the most visible signs of aging. And let’s say they don’t look really good. But don’t get freaked out just yet. There are still dozens of way on how one can prevent forehead wrinkles.

According to modern day researches, the number one cause of forehead wrinkles is stress and of course the never-losing-its-place sun. Well, stress is a common factor of everyday life. And so is the sun, these are two subjects that we could impossibly stay away from. But not to worry, wrinkle removers are here to the rescue. Although these two factors are very inevitable, there are ways we can stay away from them. Continue reading