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How do I prevent wrinkles? Let me count the ways. If you think it’s an easy task to prevent wrinkles, well, that is where you are going wrong. Wrinkles are a part of aging and we are all going to age someday. It’s your choice whether or not you are going to delay wrinkling or make them appear earlier than expected. I have been hearing elders talk about their choice of delaying the sign of aging, and most of them are using wrinkle reduction creams.

What is a wrinkle reduction cream anyway? How does it help in preventing and reducing wrinkles? What does it contain? Well, I used a little bit of help from Google and tried to ask him these questions. Fortunately, he answered. Wrinkle creams are composed mostly of the following ingredients, and here are their benefits, just for the information of many. Continue reading

“Stop frowning!”

what causes face wrinkles“Stop frowning!” I always hear my mother reprimand me on this ever since I was a 10 years old. I frown not because I’m sad or irritated but because frowning became my typical expression. But it is only now that I realized the implication of such habitual expression; now that I’m trying to avoid wrinkles on face.

I read a lot about how habitual facial expressions cause wrinkles. As our skin loses its elasticity (as a product of aging), our skin becomes more susceptible to wrinkling even just through our simple expressions. Frown lines between eyebrows and crow’s feet around the eyes are examples of wrinkles that are due to expression habits. Continue reading

Keeping The Skin Hydrated

Drink 6 glasses of water per day.Every time I check for an advice on proper skin care, I can always encounter counsels on keeping the skin properly hydrates. It is maybe because dehydration wrinkles are the most common form of skin wrinkles especially in the areas around the eyes.

Our body’s capability to retain moisture decreases as we get older. This is the reason why our skin becomes dehydrated giving us a dry and wrinkling skin.

With this, I think it is very vital for us to know how to properly keep our skin hydrated. Let’s make some self-check. Continue reading