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Of Women and Wrinkles

When women are asked about their age, the usual answers they readily utter is “secret,” and “try to guess” which shows they really feel embarrassed when asked about their age.  It seems they make excuses of answering indirect things to brag themselves that they still look young despite of their obvious old age that is revealed though their unstoppable lines and wrinkles that usually appear on their forehead and eyes.

But wait, can we really prevent wrinkles at least to look younger than our age? Personally, yes. I am certain that preventing wrinkles relates to our positive outlook in life that is having self- control against worrying too much and healthy lifestyle such as drinking enough water, eating the right kind of food and having a good sleep which are commonplace.  Continue reading


A beautiful face is an asset; an asset is something that is of value. Anything of value should be taken care of. But what if our face starts to become the liability because of wrinkles? Can we still do something about it? The answer to these non- ending questions is, YES! If wrinkles caused the damage, we can still do something about it; we can reduce face wrinkles and let them appear as if they were never there.

Wrinkles aren’t the end of our rope; we need not fret for something can be done, a lot of things can still be done. There are numerous proven ways to reduce face wrinkles. First option, if we only seek gradual improvement in the appearance of fine lines on the face, we can resort to over- the- counter wrinkle treatments; must- have treatments are those with ingredients like peptides, retinol, kinetin and coenzyme Q10 because they can give us better results than others without them. We must remember though, those treatments purchased over- the- counter hold only low concentrations of active ingredients thus, results are gradual (as mentioned earlier) and minimal. Continue reading


A smooth face is what everyone wants and having it is not impossible, especially when you are still young. But when we reach the age of 40- up, a smooth face just becomes a dream or a thing of the past because of wrinkles. Wrinkles make the aging process a bitter thing to handle, wrinkles on the body and face serve as a constant reminder that you are not getting any younger. But thanks to the rise of technology, wrinkle removal treatments are now available for everyone. Continue reading