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I simply got tired of going to my doctor for the treatment of my wrinkles. Not that I didn’t want to have my wrinkles treated, but considering the fact that the treatments itself are expensive; plus other expense factors like commute to and fro, all the medicines I have to buy; and not to mention that the effects of the treatments I get are short- term, all these seemed to be more of a fuss to me instead of a relief. But, just when I thought that nothing can be done, I was told about home remedies for wrinkles. I decided to do my own reading about it and even observed that I was not alone in the search of resolving my dilemma with going to the doctor and wrinkles.

When we talk about remedies done at home, we want it to be simple and easy- to- do. So I managed to put on some very interesting easy- to- do home remedies for wrinkles that we all will surely love to try. Here are some of the cost-cutting remedies I have put on the list. Continue reading


The sight of wrinkles on one’s forehead is quite disturbing. Lines all over our forehead just make us feel older than younger, that’s why. Some however, have it more unattractive than the usual. And to some even, they have it at a young age. But what we would like to give light to is, what causes wrinkles on the forehead?

There are two kinds of aging, the intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic aging is something that we will all anticipate, as it will happen to all of us. No matter how many treatments we apply, we will certainly find ourselves growing old because it will be accompanied with signs. Extrinsic aging, on the other hand is aging caused by outside factors like that of smoking cigarettes, too much exposure to the sun, etc. The signs accompanied by this kind of aging are far worse than what we see in intrinsic aging. Now, what’s the connection of these 2 kinds of aging to wrinkles on forehead? What causes wrinkles on foreheadContinue reading

Wrinkle Treatments For Perioral Wrinkles

Would like to know more about wrinkle treatments that work for perioral wrinkles? There are a lot of treatments out there – medications, natural treatments and even with the aid of surgical procedures. But which really is the most effective?

As for medications, the use of topical retinoids (Vitamin A) gives a lot of response and recommendation. It is because it doesn’t need a lot of procedure. It is also proven to reduce even the fine wrinkles, splotchy pigmentation and skin roughness. However, this would need a proper daily skin care program to minimize the side effects such as dryness, itching, tingling sensation and redness of the skin. Continue reading