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How To Stop Aging Skin?

Can we really stop aging skin? We can’t. But what we can do is to slow it down so that we may not experience it at an earlier stage of our age.

Aging as we all know is a product of accumulated cell and tissues damages in our bodies. So in order for us to slow down the aging process, we need to find means on how to consistently decrease the exposure of our cells to such damages. How could we do this then? Simple enough…Live a happy and healthy lifestyle! Continue reading

Signs of Aging Skin

An aging skin has a lot of possible signs – wrinkles, age spots, spidery veins and skin dryness. A person will have them shown on their face but which will come out first differs from person to person. How to prevent aging skin would also therefore depend on one’s skin, lifestyle and genetic framework

Your skin is the outermost layer that protects our body. Keeping it healthy will not only give us the confidence on presenting ourselves to the world but will also, more importantly, be a basis of how we take good care of ourselves even as we grow older. Our food and environment are the two mostly considered factors to a good and healthy skin. Continue reading

What Is Anti-aging

Aging is one of the most studied subjects matter in science. Aging is coupled with physical changes; changes that we don’t like. And these changes are what we are most concerned of. This is the reason why anti-aging techniques are creating a niche in the market. How is anti-aging process being done?

Many research studies were done to explain to explain the process of aging. There are so many theories and hypothesis formulated to explain the process. But as I read them, they all convey the same thing – our cells are deteriorating. Every day, we have a number of cells dying that are naturally dying in response to the daily stress that we encounter, internally and externally. But there are also new cells formed to replace the lost ones. This is the part of the natural mechanism of our system, which the science called as Cellular Regeneration. Continue reading